New Healthy Living Resolutions for 2018

New Healthy Living Resolutions for 2018

Are you planning to make any New Year’s resolutions this week?  Many of us start the year with big plans and good intentions only to slide back into our old routine by February.  But that doesn’t have to happen!  The key is to set realistic goals that are positive and that you will actually enjoy working towards. 

At PURE, our mission is to help you live the healthiest, happiest life possible.  Consider adopting some of these healthy resolutions to feel better and be at your best in 2018!

Find exercise you enjoy.  Do you hate running?  Then don’t do it!  There’s no reason to suffer through exercise when there are so many ways to get in better shape.  Whether it’s yoga, hiking, recreational sports or working in the yard, everyone should be able to find a physical activity they like doing.

Embrace eating.  It’s something we do everyday so why not enjoy it?  Make time for breakfast each morning.  Pack something special or new for lunch and eat it away from your desk.  Savoring food and making it memorable is a great way to get more out of life and avoid binge-eating.

Establish a bedtime routine.  Healthy sleep habits are essential for your health and for managing asthma and allergy symptoms.  Turn your bedroom into a cozy retreat with soft lighting and some fresh hypoallergenic linens.  Light some candles, listen to music or read a book each evening to help you relax and unwind.

Take a sick day.  No matter how well you care for your allergies, you’re probably going to feel under the weather some time in the coming year.  You deserve a day or two to rest.  Think about sick time as a necessity for your health and wellbeing rather than a luxury.

Visit your allergist.  Many of us don’t go to the doctor as often as we should.  Resolve to take better care of your health this year by scheduling an appointment with your asthma or allergy specialist.  He or she will help ensure your symptoms are under control and offer personalized advice for managing them.

Unplug.  This can be difficult but it’s something most of us should do more often.  Establish a specific plan and stick to it such as checking social media only once per day or putting your phone away an hour before bed.  Don’t worry–it will still be there in the morning.


Focus on the positive.  These resolutions are about feeling better and enjoying life.  Take at least a few minutes each day to think about what’s going well and feel grateful for it.  It’s an easy way to reduce stress and improve your mood instantly.



Kevin Arnold 

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