Understanding Why Travel Matters

Understanding Why Travel Matters

Who doesn’t love to travel? The opportunity to get away and experience new people and places (as well as old favorites) is something that many of us look forward to as we go about our daily lives and routines.

But travel is more than just fun and games. It’s also a vital part of our economy, our culture and even our health. That’s the theme for this year’s National Travel & Tourism Week, which focuses on the ways that “Travel Matters.” Here are a few key reasons why travel is so important for both the country and the communities where we live and work.

Jobs. Travel is big business. 1 in 10 American jobs is supported by the travel industry, which generated $2.5 trillion for the US economy in 2018. That makes travel the seventh biggest employer of Americans in the private sector!

These numbers don’t just apply to national corporations either. With 83% of travel companies categorized as small businesses, the travel and tourism industry has a big impact on employment and the economy in local communities across the country.

Health. If you need a reason to take a vacation or use your paid-time off, you should know that travel is actually good for your health! Studies report that workers who use their vacation time for travel are 56% happier about their health and well-being than those who stay home. Travel has also been shown to reduce stress, improve heart health and strengthen personal relationships.

Experiences. Travel helps connect us– literally!  When we visit another part of the country, it helps us to better understand other people and their way of life.  These experiences, from national parks to big cities, are something that an overwhelming majority of people (72%) would rather spend their money on than things.

Family. What do you remember best from childhood? 62% of Americans say that their earliest and most vivid memories are of vacations they took before they were 10 years old. And most children agree that their favorite way to spend time with their parents is on vacation. Make the most of family time by taking a trip to connect with your family and loved ones.

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