May 23, 2020

Helpful Q&A for Pure Wellness & COVID-19

Q:  What is a Pure Room? A:  Pure Room is a patented program built around providing a hypoallergenic environment for guests that also cleanses and p

March 3, 2020

6 Ways to Exercise When Traveling

Let’s face it.  No matter how nice the hotel gym is, sometimes you’d rather be doing something else.  That’s ok!  Fitness is more than just l

February 19, 2020

Why You Should Check Out a Wellness Expo in 2020

If you’ve never been to one before, a local or regional wellness expo should be on your calendar this year.  Here are some of the reasons why we lo

8 Surprising Benefits of Staying Hydrating

  We all know it’s important to drink plenty of water.  Water keep your body functioning properly and can help you lose weight and have more energy.  But adequate hydration also has a number of other health benefits that may surprise you. If you’re looking for more...

Red Roof PLUS+ Adds Hypoallergenic Rooms Near Chicago  

Travelers looking for relief from asthma and allergy symptoms can now find an affordable option in the Chicago area. PURE, the world’s leading provider of hypoallergenic accommodations, has recently installed Hypoallergenic Rooms powered PURE at The Red Roof PLUS+ Chicago-Schaumburg/Woodfield Mall to help make travel...

Plan an Allergy-Friendly Getaway to Atlantic City

For beaches, entertainment and fun in the sun, it’s tough to beat Atlantic City.  And with asthma and allergy-friendly PURE Rooms now available at the Sheraton Atlantic City, your next trip to the Jersey Shore will be more relaxing and refreshing than ever before! No trip...

What to Look for When Buying an Air Purifier

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first air purifier or upgrading to a new one, it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you.  Air purifiers come with a wide array of features and can cost several hundred if not thousands of dollars. ...

New Healthy Living Resolutions for 2018

Are you planning to make any New Year’s resolutions this week?  Many of us start the year with big plans and good intentions only to slide back into our old routine by February.  But that doesn’t have to happen!  The key is to set realistic...

6 Foods that Promote Better Sleep

6 Foods that Promote Better Sleep Getting adequate, high-quality sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s not enough to sleep in on weekends or while you’re on vacation.  Your body requires a regular, consistent sleep pattern for you to feel and be at your...