May 23, 2020

Helpful Q&A for Pure Wellness & COVID-19

Q:  What is a Pure Room? A:  Pure Room is a patented program built around providing a hypoallergenic environment for guests that also cleanses and p

March 3, 2020

6 Ways to Exercise When Traveling

Let’s face it.  No matter how nice the hotel gym is, sometimes you’d rather be doing something else.  That’s ok!  Fitness is more than just l

February 19, 2020

Why You Should Check Out a Wellness Expo in 2020

If you’ve never been to one before, a local or regional wellness expo should be on your calendar this year.  Here are some of the reasons why we lo

Pure Rooms Near Washington, DC at the Courtyard Gaithersburg

Wellness-minded travelers visiting the greater Washington area have a new hotel option at the Courtyard Gaithersburg.  Along with a convenient location and ample local services, the Courtyard Gaithersburg helps promote wellbeing and peace of mind with the hypoallergenic environment of Pure Rooms. The Courtyard Gaithersburg benefits from its central...

10 Health and Wellness Tips for Summer Vacation

Summer is right around the corner, so we’re starting to look forward to the warm and sunny vacations coming in the next few months. If you’re health and wellness-minded like we are, consider these tips to be your best on vacation this summer. 1. Avoid overpriced...

Freedom From Asthma and Allergies When You Travel

If you’re among the 50 million people with allergies or the 26 million people with asthma, you know that traveling can prove challenging. Differences in altitude, temperature and air-quality are just a few factors that can trigger serious asthma and allergy symptoms. Because of this, it’s important for travelers to be...

10 Simple Tips for Better Sleep Month

Not getting enough sleep is nothing to brag about. It’s estimated that 35% of Americans aren’t getting the recommended 7+ hours of sleep each night, which can lead to a variety of health problems. Insufficient or inadequate sleep causes serious concerns such as high blood pressure, anxiety, reduced concentration...

Understanding Why Travel Matters

Who doesn’t love to travel? The opportunity to get away and experience new people and places (as well as old favorites) is something that many of us look forward to as we go about our daily lives and routines. But travel is more than just fun and games. It’s also...